Monday, 1 November 2010

Just Jam 2010

Props to Bad Taste for the jam.

Best Afterparty.

Monday, 27 September 2010


Just back from Huddersfield, Scotland Repped Hard

Peace to Zorro & Jingy


Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Some footage from the past year of Kiina Chu. Enjoy


Monday, 20 September 2010

'My State of Mind' Campaign

Week 5 of 8 of the campaign shows Simon 'Hektic' Persaud for the official promo video of State of Mind Boutique Edinburgh.

Check it out.


The Smokers Chronicles - Presto the Besto.

Interview with Jason 'Presto the Besto' Anderson.

Full interviews coming soon


Saturday, 24 July 2010


On Thursday the 1st of July some of Heavy Smokers (Hektic, Kiina & Iain-bru) travelled to Slovakia for Outbreak Europe.
We arrived in Bratislava at about 8.30pm local time & realised that the city where Outbreak actually was, was about 4 hours away and almost impossible to get there at night. After trying to find someone who spoke English to give us directions to the bus station we decided just to split the fare of a taxi which was surprisingly cheap for a 250km journey!
We got to Banska bystrica & managed to squeeze 5 people into a double room, this wasn’t easy but better than spending money (real bboys). After a few cheap beers and some socializing we tried to get some sleep.

Day 1
No sleep & a sweaty night later it was the first day of Qualifiers for the jam. The hotel balcony directly overlooked the venue and we could see even at 9am it was setting up for a dope jam. There was a Graffiti Wall being assembled, Red Bull Tent & Sound system, Beer Tent, Lino, Barbeque and this wasn’t even the Jam!
Registration was at 12. The lists where ridiculous 181 pairs entered the 2 on 2’s, 160 entered the Footwork & 60 entered the B-girl. It was long day of Hype Music, Nice Battles & Nice Cyphers. Later that night after a trip to the garage which resulted in everyone buying a bottle of Champagne (€5), we headed to the hotel which was also the venue for the afterparty. The music was hype and the girls were in effect. We all ended up super drunk, shouting at a ruckus look-alike, running about the hotel and the night was topped off with Just roc urinating on the top floor of the hotel hallway.

Day 2
The second day started much the same as the first with a trip to the garage for a big bottle of Mirinda (like Fanta but a million times better) and some food. We Chilled out on the balcony with the Americans and then headed to the jam for the battles of people that qualified from the previous day. Again a long day of super hype and heated battles, Ukraine running the show! At about 5pm we were joined by Eggy & Mouse who were in Austria but came down for the last day. When we got back to the hotel this upped the number of people in our double room to 7 and a lot of luggage! Again we decided champagne to be the best option. The 2nd afterparty was at a club close by called the Ministry of Fun, as gay as it sounded it was honestly the best nightclub I have and possibly ever will go to.

Day 3
The third day of Evolution was held in The Europa Shopping Centre, It was a very modern and large shopping centre which changed my views on the city we were in, and when we arrived I was given the impression that it was a very poor small city. From this centre I could see that it was a growing town and was full of young people and new businesses. The shopping centre welcomed the competition and the crowd were reacting well to the bboys. This competition was short and sweet, not many people entered out of sheer exhaustion from the all day breaking and the all night partying.
For the last night we decided to give the champagne a miss and just stuck to beer. We were at a place called Bar Luxor which was a small salsa bar, like the competition not many bboys came as they were screwed from the previous days. We went along and it wasn’t a patch on the party at The Ministry of Fun, We left by about 2am and chilled back at the hotel.

Day 4
The only day some of us made it up in time for breakfast, which was amazing so we ate like kings. After breakfast we packed our stuff and checked out. We decided to hit the supermarket before the train station to stock up on food for the 4 hour train trip back to Bratislava. When we got to the station we sorted out our tickets for the equivalent distance of Edinburgh to London we only paid €7 on the day. We had a few hours to wait for the train so just messed about training in the station. When our train eventually came it was an old school train with private booths, we sorted our stuff in and then hung out the windows for the first part of the journey. A while into the journey an Old American man who turned out to be the cousin of the Outbreak Europe organiser and saw us breaking at the event, Offered us some home made Slivovica which is a 70% Slovakian spirit. We started to drink some of that when 2 Israeli bboys asked if we wanted to drink whisky with them, so about an hour into the journey we were drunk chatting with some new bboys who we’d never met before. It made me see how positive breaking is and even though there was a slight language barrier we still communicated well for over 3 hours.
After arriving at the train station we jumped in a taxi to the airport as we were running a bit tight for time. Checked in our stuff and got our flight and all made it home fine.

The best event I’ve been to and a great country.

I love Slovakia.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Big Smoke from Siimonster on Vimeo.

As you may or may not know Heavy Smokers qualified at the North Regional Qualifiers of the UK World Bboy Championships in Leeds on the 9th of May. In the run up to the finals we got in touch with MNE TV who are currently filming a piece on Scottish Dance for BBC Alba. As we are all Scottish and Bboys they were interested in following our journey over the next 6 months or so.

On the weekend of the 12th of June we travelled to London for the UK Final Qualifiers. MNE TV were keen to film us competing at an international level and very kindly arranged a private coach and followed our trip filming our journey.

On the journey I also took on my camera and all the footage about was filmed & edited by me. The footage from MNE TV is to be broadcast on BBC Alba sometime next year, watch this space for specific dates on the series.

Unfortunately we didn’t qualify for the World Bboy Championships (this year!) but we still learnt a lot from our battles and enjoyed the event.

Have fun watching the clip of our travels to London, full trailer to follow with all the footage of the battles and the cyphers!

Thanks to:

All the guys at MNE TV

Robert (The coach driver)

The rest of HSK & Bull

Spin for putting us up.